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Presale and Airdrop (Phase 2): I Love You Coin (ILUC)

ILUC is a unique memecoin that emphasizes love and kindness as a means of attracting positive energy and good luck.

Presale and Airdrop (Phase 2): I Love You Coin (ILUC)

ILUC is a unique and innovative cryptocurrency that brings a new meaning to the concept of luck. Unlike traditional luck, which is often associated with chance or fortune, ILUC's meaning of "I luck" is derived from the idea that love and kindness can bring good fortune and positive energy into one's life. Holding ILUC represents a person's commitment to spreading love and positivity, which in turn can attract positive energy and good luck.

ILUC's focus on love and friendship makes it a meaningful and emotionally-driven investment option. By promoting positivity and kindness, ILUC has the potential to create deeper emotional connections and foster a sense of community among its holders. The act of gifting ILUC to loved ones as a symbol of affection or appreciation can also inspire people to express their emotions more openly and create stronger bonds.

In addition to its emotional impact, ILUC also has the potential for financial gains. As more and more people seek socially responsible investment options, ILUC's unique focus on promoting love and kindness could attract socially conscious investors looking to contribute to positive change. The ability to gift ILUC to loved ones also opens up new markets and revenue streams for ILUC.

Overall, ILUC's meaning of "I luck" represents a powerful concept that combines emotional and financial gains. By promoting love and kindness, ILUC has the potential to create a positive impact on people's lives, society, and the crypto market as a whole.

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Project Overview

Officially launched in May 2023, I Love You Coin (ILUC) is a unique cryptocurrency that has been designed to promote love and friendship among people worldwide.  In today's world, marked by pandemics, wars, and negativity in the crypto space, ILUC has emerged as a beacon of positivity and kindness.  The need for such a cryptocurrency has become more evident during the current global pandemic, where people are struggling with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. The pandemic has led to a sharp increase in mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, and has taken a toll on people's emotional well-being. ILUC aims to alleviate these issues by promoting positivity and kindness, which are critical in times of crisis. Moreover, the crypto space is marked by negativity and greed, with numerous cryptocurrencies focused solely on profit-making, regardless of the social impact. This has led to a growing sense of distrust among users and a need for cryptocurrencies that focus on making a positive social impact. ILUC addresses this need by offering a message of hope, positivity, and kindness, which can help foster a sense of community, love, and friendship. This is particularly important during these times of physical isolation, where people are unable to meet in person and form social connections. ILUC's core values of love and kindness have been integrated into its technical features, which make it an attractive investment option for global users. The use of the Ethereum and Binance blockchains ensure that ILUC is secure, transparent, and immutable, while the ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards ensure compatibility with a wide range of wallets and exchanges.  Additionally, ILUC's token supply is limited to 1 quadrillion, ensuring scarcity, value and low cost for investors. The tokenomics of ILUC have been designed to incentivize long-term holding with value or giving as a gift and discourage pump-and-dump schemes, making it a sound investment option for most users. Furthermore, ILUC's business model is unique and innovative, focusing on promoting positivity and spreading love and kindness globally. This model involves partnerships with charities and non-profit organizations that support the values of ILUC. ILUC will allocate a percentage of its revenue to charity, thereby creating a win-win situation for both the cryptocurrency and the charitable organizations. This approach will attract users who value the importance of spreading love and kindness and want to support charitable causes while also investing in a cryptocurrency. In addition to being an investment option, ILUC has been designed to be more than just a cryptocurrency. It aims to be an integral part of people's daily lives, promoting positivity and social cohesion. ILUC can be used to send messages of love and kindness to friends and family members, thereby promoting positivity and strengthening social connections. Additionally, ILUC can be used to make charitable donations, thereby contributing to social causes and making a positive impact on society. In conclusion, ILUC is a unique cryptocurrency that offers a message of hope, positivity, and kindness in a world that is marked by pandemics, wars, and negativity in the crypto space. Its core values of love and kindness are integrated into its technical features and business model, making it an attractive investment option for users who seek to make a positive social impact. Additionally, its ability to be an integral part of people's daily lives makes it a useful and meaningful cryptocurrency. ILUC is not just a cryptocurrency, but a message of hope and positivity in these trying times.

Start Date

May 19, 2023

Min purchase


Total Supply

300000000000000 ILUC

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End Date

Jun 10, 2023

Max purchase


Current Price

0.0000001500 USDT

available token

300000000000000 ILUC